Violet - Ultra Cleaner

About Us

AAS - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação Ambiental LDA and TIS - Technological and Intelligent Systems LDA have developed in a short period of time, in a particularly difficult period for everyone, an equipment capable of sterilizing spaces, surfaces and objects. This technology has been used since the 20th century in the disinfection and sterilization of water and air in hospital environments, food industry, air treatment and swimming pools.

The Violet - Ultra Cleaner, in the Trolley version, is designed to inactivate the COVID-19, sterilizing spaces such as: bedrooms, rooms, toilets, offices, etc..

The fight against COVID-19 is imperative, and it is undoubtedly this enormous challenge that has connected us in this project, through which we hope to help save lives and allow greater day-to-day safety in the use of the spaces in which we live or work.

Most likely, one day will come, when we will all have in our homes or workplaces, one or more "Violet's", sterilizing and making our space cleaner and safer.

Let's fight the COVID-19!

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